Services – Individuals

Success in business is all about people.  Investing in people is even more important during times of rapid growth and change.

Changes such as stepping into a stretch assignment or a new leadership position are exciting, but they can be stressful.   Relying too heavily on past experience instead of acknowledging the current situation is a natural tendency.  But this lengthens the transition time, stifles results and impacts not only the person going through the change, but also everyone else around them.

Having the support of a coach at these TransitionPoints will shorten the adjustment period, accelerate learning and increase effectiveness.

At TransitionUp Coaching, we provide coaching and training to help our clients:

  • Increase emotional intelligence through self-awareness.
  • Build key relationships including managing up, down and sideways.
  • Strengthen leadership skills and gain confidence in their unique leadership style.
  • Design their job around their strengths.
  • Identify and stop self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Learn how to utilize core coaching skills to increase engagement and ownership with their teams.
  • Address professional exhaustion before it progresses to full-on burnout.
  • Strengthen key professional competencies including communication skills, effective presentation skills, delegating, leading without authority and managing conflict.

We offer individual and small group coaching and as well as training workshops.  We utilize Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder® and the Paul Hertz Group’s Print® assessments as a baseline for discussion to accelerate learning and help clients understand what motivates them, identify their sabotaging behaviors and better understand their natural talents and strengths.

Each engagement is designed to meet specific client needs.  Let’s have a conversation about your objectives and current challenges.