Our clients are typically fast growing organizations who realize that to be successful requires an investment in the continuous development of its people no matter what else is going on.

Who We Are
Organizations today set the bar high and are operating under constant pressure to do more with less. We provide coaching and skills development training to help employees collaborate and thrive in fast-paced, changing work environments.

Our solutions are steeped in real-world experience gained from decades of professional and management experience across multiple industries. We understand what matters most and provide results-focused, pragmatic and actionable solutions.

We support teams, managers and individuals in creating and maintaining an engaged work environment where people are challenged (in a good way), focused, collaborating and growing. One of our core beliefs is that when people work with how they’re wired – aware of and operating to their full potential, designing their jobs around their strengths and aware of and managing their triggers – everyone wins.

We’ve also seen firsthand the downside of steep growth, aggressive goals and a fast pace. Companies neglect to invest in and nurture their people during hectic times. In an effort to manage risks, siloes and an over-reliance on bureaucracy replaces employee empowerment and creativity. Employees operate under a cloud of fear that leads to professional exhaustion and even burnout. Nobody wins.

TransitionUp Coaching was founded to help organizations help their people navigate the turbulence of change. Whether it’s team building workshops after a reorganization, helping strengthen communication and conflict management skills during an acquisition integration or coaching a high potential employee moving up the leadership ladder, we co-create solutions which meet our clients’ specific needs.

Our Team


Pam Norton is CEO and Founder of TransitionUp Coaching.

After 25 years as a manager in the banking and software industries, Pam became a coach helping individuals with their career transitions.  But after coaching professionals of all levels from a wide range of industries, Pam came to realize that many of the challenges they faced stemmed from company transitions.

She founded TransitionUp Coaching to support companies and their people before, during and after the TransitionPoints that occur in all thriving businesses.

Growth should be positive, and change should lead to success. Pam collaborates with HR departments, senior management and team leaders to ensure that individuals and teams are learning, growing and aligned with the company’s goals.